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school choice and solutions to lowering the costs of healthcare. the rnc cannot and will not write off any demographic community of this country. >> the main thrust of the republican party's autopsy of what went wrong. their plan to get back from the wilderness is as ben smith of buzzfeed pointed out, it's kind of a redo of compassionate conservativism. they came up with the solution that they should be now what george w. bush wanted to be remembered for, which ended up not being at all what he is remembered for. compassionate conservativism was supposed to be the signature of the bush party. a kinder approach to immigration, more funding for medicare and education. george w. bush used to talk about his armies of compassion. but armies of compassion are not what george w. bush is remembered for. now more than a decade later the republican party seems to have revived the strategy that got him elected in the first place, this idea of compassionate conservativism, a kinder, less mean-seeming republican party. the question is why would it work now when it did not end up working for george
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2